Conference Presentations

American Society for Theatre Research (2020 Annual Conference)

Theatre & Performance After Repetition 

Working Session - Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes: Perseveranceand Perseveration in Activist Performance

The Canterbury Female Boarding School: Motivating andPerforming Nineteenth-Century Anti-Integration Protest 

41st Annual Mid-America Theatre Conference  

Character  I  Chicago, IL

Pedagogy Symposium #13 - The Future of Theatre Pedagogy

“Activating Autonomy: Using Freirean Pedagogical Frameworks and Student Choice for Instructional Design of Undergraduate Drama Courses” 

American Society for Theatre Research (2019 Annual Conference)  

Theatre's Many Publics  I  Arlington, VA

Working Session #20 - Social Dramas forFractured Publics: Crisis and Reconciliationin Activist Performance

“The 1967 Newark Riots: Staging Civil Disobedience and the Avant-Garde Performance of Radical Protest” 

3rd Annual University of Washington Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference 

Residue and Remnants: (re)Presenting Cultural Memory, Contamination, and Destruction  I   Seattle, WA

“The Elizabethan Boy Player and 21st Century All-Male Casting: Tracing the Lasting Utility of Male Actors in Female Roles for Shakespearean Productions” 

40th Annual Mid-America Theatre Conference  

Invention  I  Cleveland, Ohio

Theatre History Symposium #9 - Reconsidering Reception: Cognitive, Textual, and NeuralAudience Engagement 

“Outgrowing Innovation: Montmarte’s Le Chat Noir and the Direction of the 21st Century Theatre” 

Work In-Progress

Gender and Sexuality

  • The "Andreia" of Grieving: Restrictions of Athenian Masculinity in Greek Tragedy

Protest and Social Activist Performance

  • The Canterbury Female Boarding School: ​Motivating and Performing Nineteenth-Century Anti-Integration Protest 
  • Referential Radicalism: Performances of Protest in the #NeverAgain Movement
  • Radical Vulnerability and Temporal Dissonance in the Work of Regina José Galindo

American Identity Politics 

  • Authenticity as American Identity in Royall Tyler’s The Contrast and Mercy Otis Warren’s The Group
  • Sport and The Self: Constructing Identity in the Performance of American Superstardom
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